Investment Strategy


Investment Objective

CoreValue’s objective is to maximize absolute return by adhering to the principles of 1) preservation of capital and 2) compounding capital at superior rates of return over long time horizon.

Investment Strategy : Focus Investing

CoreValue seeks to achieve the investment objective by investing mainly in Korean equities where it believes mispricings are abundant. Selective investments in Japan and Taiwan will also be made if they are found to be more competitive than their Korean peers in their value chains.

CoreValue takes a private equity approach to investing. When CoreValue invests, CoreValue is not buying the ticker, but
the underlying business. As such, CoreValue spends a significant amount of time in understanding the company and its management.

In general, the closer your portfolio resembles the market itself, the tougher it becomes to generate alpha. To capitalize on CoreValue’s in-depth primary research, CoreValue manages a highly concentrated portfolio (max 12~15 names) of best ideas only whose values can compound over years. CoreValue will add only high-quality businesses selling at discounts that offer sufficient margin of safety.